About Jacobs Chance


Jacob’s Chance is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to promoting wellness for youth and young adults ages 5-30 with special needs through athletic programs, social experiences, exercise, education, volunteerism, and skills training.  We want to enrich the lives of children, teens and young adults with disabilities, along with their families, through shared activities, athletics, socialization and education while promoting acceptance, understanding, and inclusion through public awareness. 

​Jacob's Chance is unique in that participation is open to all individuals regardless of diagnosis and free of charge. 

Our Programs
Inclusive Athletics

Buddy Ball


Thanks to the help of volunteers of all ages we offer 7 full seasons of supported athletics. Programs are offered year round in an accepting and encouraging environment.


Teen Scene and Social Programs

Young people with disabilities often suffer from depression due to social isolation. Through our teen scene club and monthly events, participants make friends and experience more typical social lives.

Health and Wellness

VCU Health and Wellness


In conjunction with VCU Health Sciences department, families and participants learn about healthy lifestyles while students learn best practice when working with this population.

Family Support

Its About the Family


Jacobs Chance was founded when Kate Mardigian recognized the need for caregivers and families to network, find support, and develop strategies for the unique challenges they face. 

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